Welcome to the website on small fiber neuropathy at the department of Neurology of the Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+)

The information presented here is intended as a resource for patients with small fiber neuropathy (SFN) and their family members, and for healthcare professionals.

Who are we?

The small fiber neuropathy team at MUMC+ includes two neurologists, three nurse practitioners, clinical researchers, neurology registrars, and a clinical geneticist. We are uniquely trained and qualified to perform all additional investigations toward the diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy.

Patients from abroad (USA, Spain, Portugal, Belgium) are also regularly seen in our center.
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A recent epidemiological study showed the rfequency of SFN to be higher than previously assumed: the minimum incidence of SFN in the Netherlands is 12/100.000 per year, and the minimum prevalence is 53/100.000 per year.

Furthermore, SFN patients demonstrated a severe reduction in quality of life.

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Small fiber neuropathy

Small fiber neuropathy is a form of polyneuropathy. The word ‘poly’ originates from Greek and means “many”. Neuropathy originates from the Latin word for “nerve disorder”.

Polyneuropathy is a disorder in which a considerable number of nerves malfunction. In the case of small fiber neuropathy, small nerve terminals located under the skin surface are specifically affected.
These small nerve fibers are responsible for pain and temperature sensation, and for autonomic functions (functions such as regulation of blood pressure, gastrointestinal functions and perspiration that take place involuntarily, without conscious thinking).


Erythermalgia is a rare disorder with typical complaints of burning pain, red discoloration and swelling of feet and sometimes hands. Patients with erythermalgia may also have a small fiber neuropathy. This is currently being investigated. For more information regarding this resesearch, please click here.

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Research is very important to elucidate (hereditary) causes of small fiber neuropathy, and to find new therapeutic options. we kindly ask for your support.

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